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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 9, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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in the paris attacks. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 neor s. >> gene: good >> gw,his i good morning, everybody. 5:00 on this wednesday morning 5 st0 on this weeryesday morning. it is december 9. thanks for being with us this morning. i am gene lavanchy sara underwood i am -- >> sara: and i am sara underwood. the rain is moving out, the warmth is moving in. stormtracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski is in for shiri think weeth i >> sancah: good morning. yes, we will start to see a smooth warm-up today but big imprand iements as we head into the weekend. hey, improvements as the storm system brought the heavy rain to nantucket and parts of the cape now off to the coast. high pressure building on in but unfortunately, the winds, they are calm, and that means nothing is pushing these clouds on out of here. waking up to clouds with temperatures mostly in the 30s temperatures mostly in the 30s. 40 in p-town. anticipating to see the mercury fall a degree to are two more. i will take you hour by hour and show you through the morning hours, we will see temperatures in the 30s and
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stop. a few breaks in the cloud cover, but really it will be a generally general mostly to partly cloudy day. by this afternoon, mid- to upper 40s, not too bad. we will do better than that. but i am also tracking some showers. the latest timeline coming up. a check of your traffic with julie grauert. how are things going? >> julie: things looking good, sara. on the expressway where things are moving along nicely. ight green. nothing slowing us down. 128 northbound and southbound also look good. you can see the pike moving along just fine and take you over to brighton where things are wide open. the live drive times. 1 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. 18 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. gene and sara, back to you. >> gene: begin with breaking news in the south end. one person rushed to the hospital ath er being shot in the chest twice. it happened just before 2:00
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the victim was taken to boston medical condition. breaking international neor s. french officials are identified a third gunman involved in the attack in paris. the official would not reveal the attacker's name but said he is from france and took a trtl to syria in 2013. one of three gunmen who stormed a music venue during a concert. all te anee were killed, two blly6 3 3 detonating a suicide vest and one was shot by a police. all of the attackers were from europe and were native french a pre nowant mother and teenaged daughter are shaken up but okay following a frightening home invasion. >> sanc u the girl was able to get help after she hid from her attacker. jessica reyes is licee from quincy this morning where police say one man involved in this is still on the run, jess this is still on the run, jess? >> reporter: he is sr. sarah.
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for that mother and daughter and all happened inside their home on president the a lane in hapinr a. the ho strange men broke in through a back basement door. one of the suspects is due in court this moembing and other is still on the loose. we have cox video from the scene. this was taken right ath er police showed up here. the daughter hid in an upstairs bate anoom and called uilice from there. when she came out, she found her mother 6 months pregnant tied up on fokast floor. uilice caught one of the suspects kevin murphy as he tried to run from the seen here tonight. a uilice dog tracked down a handgun used in the home invasion. fox25 obtained that chilling 911 call that daughter made as she was hiding from those two men inside her home. >> hon, can you hear them or see them? >> i can hear them. >> she can hear them. she is hiding in. >> in my room. >> you are in your rootho >> i locked the doo93 >> you lvinked the door. >> please hurry, i think they
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>> do you know how many you can hear? can you hear how many are there? >> two -- two or te anee. >> two to te anee pcouple? >> reporter: that suspect that police caught up with kevin muothehy is due in court for his arraignment. meanwhile, police are searching for that other man inre ved. the mother and daughter are a& w6 3 3 a local hospital this morning. coming up at 6:00, we are hearing from the huse ind and father of the victim. live in quincy, jessica reyes, fox25 moembing neor s. 5 st4. health inspectors know what made dozens of college students sick and it traces e ick to a lvinal restaurant. michael henrich is live where that restaurant remains closed that restaurant remains closed. good morning, michael. >> michael: good morning, gene. public health inspectors know what caused this and they fund multiple violations at this chtlotle restaurant.
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so many people getting sick. the sign tells potential customers this chtlotle in cleveland circle is closed as workers inside are seen cleaning up and down. >> we just ate there yesterday >> we just ate there yesterday. ns> jes i: s cblic heacloudh inspectors shut down the restaurant monday. nearby boston college said upwards of 80 pcouple got sick, while the pngelic health commission says it has 65 documented cases of students and nonstudents. inspectors say preliminary testing confirms norovirus is to blame. they do not believe the cleveland cokacle illnesses are related to the national e. coli out eak at various chtlotle restaurants. the pngelic health commission noted three violations in its c ndings at the cleveland circle lvination, including meat kept at hot, but not hot enough temperatures and one employee coming into work sick on thursday. >> we were told one person that the person was sic w tha& w6 3 3
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inspection, the employee who reported being sick actually csede in and said he was sick. that ise vnough for us to issue the violation. >> reptil the rts chiuis moe said the isr e is limited to this one location and that it is working with public health ofc cials to determinee vxactly live in cleveland circle, michael henrich, fox25 news. agents looking into the san bernandino terror attack are getting nd tha information from a man who purchased two assault rifles used in that shooting. fox news said enrique marhapez told ito testigators that is the syed farook planned another attack in 2012 but called it off after a series of tepoor arrests across california. marquez may face criminal ri! s four aulars ago and giving them to farook. also, federal agents are straysing the souelate of money sent to farook last month.
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days later he withdrd tha $10ass00 damar later he with to fd tha ook.0,000. the cross examination in the trial of the teenager accused of killing his mat i:6 3 3 teacher. phillip chism's defense rested their case. his causwyers are tpoing to coto tince the sxwrir that he was delusional when he raped and murdered colleen rit, jr. foef5 suike to doctors who may saying that he could be faking his symptoms. >> at this time did he show any signs. >> no, he did not. >> gene: closing arguments after friday and ath er tha& w6 3 3 the jury will get the case. we will alert you on our app as soon as there is a verdict. this morning police in nd tha hampshire are searching for an armed robber who leapt over a counter to steal hun to feds of dollars. investigators show this video. it shows a man threatening a clerk with a knh,e. he then juruss the counter and steals nearly $600 and hops to the other side before running off. thee vntokae incident lasted just 40 seconds. a judge said a woman
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weapons does no the have a moral compass. ashley bigsby is cha aned with autealingapeuns and weapons charges. yesterday a judge dismissed another charge and pcausnned to release stegs re but said her dorchester home is unsuitable and aid that she makes no contribution to the coorovunity. a man has serious injuries after being hit by a red line train in south boston in hasayiened just before 7:00 aulsterday at the broadway station. the man was tre and assing on the inbound tracks and taken tmed& the hospital. no word on his condition this morning. didansit police are investigating. a boston woman now charged with killing a man she claims didied to attack her. valerie perez is charged with murder. police say she called 911 aulsterday morning and said she stabbed her biolfriend in the chest. when officers arrived at her doelathester arussrtment they found a man on the ground and a small knife in the hallway. fox25 has leasymed that thuni6 3 3 r and ect worked for college suspect worked for
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helrm ijust 4er city children r cceed in school. a new hampshire father is accused of driving dru show with ho children in his pickup diduck. portsmouth police charged fist portsmouth uilice cha aned fister is surcausn with aggravated dwi and endangering the welfare of a child. the truck hit a parked car around 7:15 last night. officers say surl an drove off but hit another car a fd tha minutes later. he will be apoaicred nex& w6 3 3 month. 5:9 and friends and family of a worcester woman are demanding answeror about her murder. a group gathered at the spot where sherice hill was killes in the homeless mother of three was stabbed outside of a liquor store. ho men were involved but de and ite huspecing video of the attack, no arrested have been made. hill sdiduggled with mental illness and not known why anyone would want to hurt her. >> i loved her so mucrim they killed her like a bunch of anima3 . >> gene: hill was a singer
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bez eley school of music before becoming sick. a man faces reckless endangerment cha anes ath er dangling his daughter over thuni6 3 3 jorden river. swinging his 1-year-old daughter over the suseetdida6 3 3 & dnce. he letapeo of the toddler to take a picture while she clung to the fence. the toddler was okay and recven to her mother when her dad was arrested. brockton police continue to look for the person that thrd tha a brick through the window. parishioners saw the damage on tponday. they swas ac the window is more than a century old. and this morning, mbta uilice want coorovuters to take aapeood look at these surveillance photos. they say this woman spit on and assaicted a passenger wit i:6 3 3 disa stelities on a southbound orange line train. this happened sunday nand iembe& 6 3 3 29 at seat street station. after the incident she boarded a blue line train.
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bajust 4ing tru ting and to ficeing is not enough to keep people safe on road. tom branle y held up a is ucture of his daughter kate when he testified. when she was killed in a car hereasnlin 20. no, the to ficeer was teching behind the wheels. >>. when they found his phone, eight tru ts inx25 minutes. this hght. four incoming and four outgoing. the girl herself called at- a1 the rechir hersedorc called at . tmisssuand texted at 11:0. >> gene: texting and driving is illegal in massacdemsetts but they want tru asing to buni6 3 3 banned except for attorneys. 19 minutes comuilte on 93 soutnlfrom 495 in andover down to the zakim bridge. sarah? sarz sarz visibility not too thd.
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temperatures right now in the 30s if you are headed out the door into the ath ernoon. a few breaks in the cloud cover. 40heris where we are heity ed. season ile, but we have very warm weather headed our way. i will show you when coming up. in parents are concerned about the principal. new this mosyming, donald didump de& dnds his position to ban muslims from entering the u.s. >> i am the worse thing to ever happen to isis. >> sara: the increased security in new england because of the billionaire:1 controverorial coorovents who coined the term
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li heri 5miss5 this morning. and donald trump continues to stand by his comments to kee of uiled 4s from coming into the united states. in a new interview, he refers to himsedorc as the worst thing that hase vver happened to isis. fox25's daniel miller joins us with more. >> daniel: donald didsterp will sie in li heri billionaire will talk t ther6 3 3 uilice officers around nd tha en. and. security has been increased following his controveror covl coorovents to a thn all muslims from coming to the u.s. last night he responded to people who said his pdoon is a `ictory for terrorists.
5:16 am
pe. that. when i came out against illegal immigration, everybody thought the sntoe thing and two weeks latere vvepobody was on my side -- >> daniel: trump denies bthis hng a bigot he said, quote, i nto the person who has common sense. as for the new hampshire association, didsterp will see if the uilice benevolent association will endorse him or not. we will be there. daniel miller, foef5 nd thas. the billionaire is raising concerns of republicans of a new tweet about changing russrties. he said that 68% of his supporters would vote for h 4 - russ py and ran for an independent. earlier this year, trump sign n gop. it said he would endorse the py:1 president covl nominee and would not ajust 4ounce a independent white house run. and trurus he is comment about uiled 4s they swas ac do not reflrumpt the conservative beliefs of the gop.
5:17 am
hillary clinton swas acs it the not just donald trump making anti-muslim comments, the her re lblican rivals. >> many of them have also said extreme things about muslims. ththis hr language may be more veiled than trump's, but their ideas are not so different. >> s& mrig in a blog post, clinton claims that ben carson said that a muslim shouldn't bee vlected president. she also r, eerenced statements about islam with other candidates. uiled 4s shntoeless and dangerous. the campaign trail is heating up here in nd thae vngdoond as thuni6 3 3 presidentiale vlections inch closer. carly fior heri foef5 is following all online. y bood wednesday morning. start witnlthe is uke.
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as you make your way eastbound or wesare ound for that matte ta route 1, s h south, you are coming from the north shore looks s tod. dooult wopoy. i will huspece a look at south shore for you south shore commuters in ten minutes. ni6 3 3 and thing are moving along nicely. 11 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on s h south from 495 to the leverett connector. 21 minutes on . no8 froror oute . no34 peabos d to the weston tolls. stormtracker meteorologist sara underwood . >> s& mah: joining us now. winds are not so much an issue but your tweet swas acs that the clouds mwas ac linger a bit, right. >> sarah: nothing to push out the clouds. sometimes when yove get the winds it scoots things out of here. high pressure in control which is kind of ay bood thing too, whicnlmeansy beneralous. dry conditions. no more of the rain we dealt with yeste 2was ac. yoeaking of yeste 2was ac, boston hit 44 degrees, right where we should be for this time oror 3 3 sociar.
5:19 am
high for the date was 65. getting into the 60s this time of year is not corusleteous. unco pfon and in fact, i have to tell you looking at the wer jend forecast, it loo ta& vepo mild and sho8 d buni6 3 3 battling the record highs. the highs on sunday is about 5 3 3. what we are dealing with today are dry reasonable continues. tracking a few showeror t ther6 3 3 arrive late tonight into tomopoow before the temperatures really warm up into the weekend. there is that stoir smartem that brought the rain that is pushing on out of here. high pressure to the south and ay bood ntoount of clok cimser across the region. out to the west our next deather maker. doesoult looe vlthat irusrewanicee right now and will continue to push eastward as it does so wuni6 3 3 willy bet into tomnshine b, eore the clouds build back in. temperatures right now namely in the 3? 38 in boston and the wind vepo calm and feels like the upper 30s. as we go throughout dwas ac the nextwe 2 houror anticipate to see temperatures climb into
5:20 am
yodooshes of tomnshine not out of the question, and i want to show you as we go through the day today tempera. wres will buni6 3 3 a couelee of degrees wair er than yesterday. looking for mid- to upper 40s. samey boes to the north and west andy bood ntoount of clouds around as the future cast show the clok s slmying prelosy thick. yove will see thijust 4ing at times as we head toward our lunch hour, but mostly to russ pous. clous d. and by the .ening commute, it will be a dry one notice what happens to the ovesymight houror hours. dill io rease drizzle, mist as well scattered showers. tomopoow. yove will need the umbrella. it will be hit or miss but as we head into the afternoon, we should slm p to see 4primsement with that sunshine returning. really that sunshine will come 2 the wer jend. the weekend always in view. 40s today. 50s by tomopoow and friday
5:21 am
weekend ahead of our next game maker that will drmorn teruseratures back where they year. over to you. all right, sar to u a local liore dtomnartment has a new life-saving device. why their stash of overdose ors7 cntoe just in the nick of
5:22 am
>>e toa local fisherman makes a . this morning, philadelphia >>e tothis morning, phidoodelphia's may your is vowing to find the person who lewas a a pig:1 head at the door lout at this video from sunday night. you can see a truck p8 l up 6 3 3 out the window. police say the incident is being investigated as a hate cr 4 mo oflioceror are also looking into a trouble a troubling voice mail left adat6 3 3 the mosqeal last month. a nd tha bill in congress is aimed to help the family of a wio hester naticee killed in the benghazi alosack. senator ed markey filed legislation to ensure full deatnlbeneliots of the youmious. deatnlbenelio of the youmilies of federal contractors who die as a res8 t of war risk hazard or a act of tepoorism. glen doherty died back in 20 glen doherty died back in 2012. his fntoily never receiceed the benelio of his insurance policy worth $400,000. a museum h&
5:23 am
welevedoond, ohio h- e irlice searching for jewel thieves. ed 81,000 of sapphires and othery bems were stolen from the cl .eland museum of natural history last week. right now the gem srumption oror 3 3 the mus p8ror emains closed. a new study shows nearly 6 million kids in the u.s. have adhd. t e jousymal for clinical psychology say one in ten u.s. kids between 5 and 17 years old have been diagnosed with 6 3 3 la. the study surveyed children between 2003 and 2011 and found dias sis rates rose 55% for este frs. researchers say they don't believe more kids actually have it. just that more arey b 6ting the medical attention that they need. a little girl who lost her youmious. in a house fn we wants one gift this year, christmas cards. 5 5-year-old sapthisn we terpo losdat6 3 3 her youther and toutee siblings in 2013 in an arson fire. she was burned severely and lost a hand and a f. st and
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enough cards to fill tree for christmas. ca 2s are b& the ng mailed in from around the country. if you would like to send a card to sa nothire, we irsted her addrewan on our web site at under the national exception. and let's make sure sa nothire ge a ton of cards. 5:26. it happened again. someone has put jd thaelpo in a salvation army% this year will help needy youmious. youmilies. >>e toplus a mmartepo surrounding a high school principal this morning. what we learned wit h he ha pf6 3 3 been pdooced on adminishead ative leave. a lot of clouds with tempera. wres in the 30s. this awas aernoon we cli si a fd tha degrees warmer than yesterday, mid- to upper 40s. a 3 3cheibea ta in the clok
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we beesten with breaking neew this morning. t e south end. one person is rushed to the hospital awas aer b& the ng shot in the chest twice. our crew at the scene said it happened just before 2:00 this mosyming at rue kiand ss reare and head emonntoi one of the stories we are following. good morning, wednesd l, dece sier 9, i nto sara under >> gene: and i am gene lavanchy. clouds to start the d l, budat6 3 3 change is in the ai 1 and a good change too. fox25 stormtracker meteorologist saranlwrobleewki timing out when we will see the sun and a big boost of temperatures this west . >> yeah, we will be se& the ng teruseratures bate kiing record
5:28 am
this morning waking uyedin the ars with clouds around. wouldn't be surprised to see breaks in the cloud cover. thill in pdooces like rindge where the freezing mark as well. worcester 34 dssrees. we are in the ars. mehead opolitan wesntoi 38 in boston as you head up toward the north shore into the seacoast of necheharusshn we. we are also talking about the low to middle 30s. 30s and 4? toutough the cape and island but toutough the day and island but through the day, mostly cloudy skies. winds will be lighte. wr it will be dry with some sun. mid- to upper 40s a little bit better but 54? and 64? in ouob6 3 3 forecast. i will show you when and timing out showers for tonight and tomorrocheand chrumpk your head aflioc witnljulie grauert. how are things going now. >> things are stilly bfinng well. k. l yessw l moving along at a decent clip. 128 northbound and southbound s t un. anyone coming up froror he south shore, i turned on all of the traffic flows which makes it lote. ln te a lite kie clt about sne h 6ti but the overall goal is to show you things are bright greeav so the speed l 4it ride as you
5:29 am
the expressway. you can see k. l yeslp l manging tank. here are those live drive times south of boston. 10 minutes on route 3 froror28 to the split. 12 minute on 24 as you approach 1storm. 5 s minutes on 95 a notroaching 5 s8 5 s8. sara and gene, sara and gene, back to you. the ll yincine of swatch tre& at hignltrehool will not be in office. he has been placed an odd administrative leave and catherine ne r& alm is ltrehe in swampscott with the mystery surrounding his sudden absenltk. s t un morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, sara. high school will be slm1sing a couple of hours swaom now without the school's principal here. students and parents t un l are still fox2on.learned about this ne.sterda the superintendent sending an e-mail to parents saying that onous. the hignltrehool prinlt. fal was roaaced on apoinishead attrehd u6 3 3 leave until further notice and couldn't discuwan what was detreribed as a pending peroronnel matter.
5:30 am
principal, edward rosror , rek. he cntoe to lpntopscolos in good13, and today parent have a lot of question. >> anything inleavrored with chilshow en that ne ents should know, yeah. >> reporter: the essex county da t oi nice cou, n& a confn wm or deny a cr 4inal investigation into this. fox25 contacted all five of lpntoto 1colos t eletived oi nicial and one said she couldn't comment because this is an on comment because this is an ons ting personnel matte. wr people are wondering why this principal has been placed on 6 3 3 ministrative leave. we will call the police department to see if we can get any more information. we h- e done learning about the ll yin! pal's background other school systems and where he has worked. for now ltrehs a catherine ne o& alm, fox25 morning news. developing news in quincy. a ll yssnant m& aher and her teeniesed dlm,ghter are headacheen up but okay after a
5:31 am
>> sara: they bn wl was ag ie to hide and call for help. jessica reyes is live at the scene of this frightening rerime, maiwan. >> rmingorter: it was absolutely terrifying, sara. and all happened inside thcontr home when they were here on presidents lane on quincy. police say they were home here by theooelves when two men brte.e into a back basement door. this morning, one of the su yorumpd. will be in cou1s. the & aher is still on the loose. this is skyfox video from the treene doost night. this was taken right awas aer police showed up here. the daughter hid in an sm and called 911 swaom there. when she came out, she found her mother who is 6 month ll yssnant tied uyedon the fn wst fl. sr of the home. police did catch one of the suspects. his nntoe is ke of murphy and thtrer found h 4 as he tried to run away from the scene. a police dog tracoued down a handgun that oftrer ceror belenyve was used in the home invasion. fox25 obtained a 911 call she made when riding swaom the t
5:32 am
see them? >> i can hear them. she is hiding. where are you hiding? >> i am in my room. >> you are in your r. s's >> i locked the d. s. wr >> and you locked the door. >> yes, please hurry. i think thtrer are hurting her. >> do yove tuow how many you can hear -- can you hear how many are there? >> t >> t doost night. his nntoe is kbrin murphy. he will be in front of a judge later this morning for his arraign arraignment. quincy police continue to investigate and will tpo to trer yeare out who that & aher ntop yorumpt is and where he may be this morning. coming up in the nk. half hour right at 6:ter, we are hearing from the husband and father of the two victims. live in >> rinmingo this morning wit6 3 3 maiwanica rene.s, fox25 morning news. police in rhode island are you! ng se wutiny of the w l thtrer ie. three young teens have been arrested in r:t oington, oa une i prand. a 17, 16 and 12-year-old have been charged with so! al medhere e w 4es.
5:33 am
cutive director says the investigations were angerzealous and that investigatiowan , rather, should have been handled differently. >> having sit dowwan witnlkiok. a lot ofr the parend. and counselors to explain why it is a bad idea to do these things. >> barrington t police chenyf send a letter to the aclu that the department wants to educatell foids about uhatng technology policy. >> all three lanes in canton following this massive car trer re. these pic. wres sent to us by a fox25 viewer. the car exploded yesterday aftern. sn during rusnlhour and snarled trai nic on 14d al er.arled traffic on 148. no injuries were reported and no word how that fn we slm1sed. >> upha8.ening today, the future of the t+'s green line extension will be up for der:te. the con3 3 ol boathey of the mbta will explore options to save the long delayed promaitiv. earl worser this oi nicherels revealed that the price tag was $1 billion more than k. etived.
5:34 am
green line into somerville and medford. the idea was fn wst proho sed r:cou in 1990. the upcoming murder trial of former new england patriot aaron hernandez m l be dedoone.d l be he is accused of killing two sh. sting followed an incident inside night club. jury selection begin on january >> ri and last week the ll yer rumpution and defense filed a joint motion to delay the rpeal overt & of enlte in the case. hernandez already serve y send aning a lih s sentenlte for the murder of odin lloyd in 2013. it is rivalry night for the e.uiwan and the celtics. toni 3 t the bs are in mon3 3 eal to battle the canadians, montreal are in firort roaack. the celtics returned homd u6 3 3 e anter a five-game road trip. the cs host derek rose and the chiceto bulls. >> upthe sound of shoty buns will no longer be heard in the blue hills. 2ter hunters recetrehed permid. to sho6 3 3 t deer on the reservation.
5:35 am
hunt in more than 1trio yearor. the depc1sment of consend anatioay 6 3 3 say 64 deer were killed during the four days in which hunting was alloweng t torhey barrl is to reduce the deer population in blue hills population in ble ll yotested the plan. a second version of the apple watch cou, be on id. way. roaan to ue. we don'tll fonopolice iwhat the n i wawe nlwill fea. wre and a8.le and a sleep and hearinh 3 3 acking sensor. >> upa sma1s battepo case is made for the iphone 6 and 6 s. charging the sma1s battepo case and the ial ne shves the case and the iphone gives theics phone 25 hours of extra r:roaaery lih s and cer d. about ht ter. a well-known chain that went bankrupt will be giving shon 1per thamror casnlr:cou. formert &letivroniwhy i giant radio shack has agreed to refund money that is left on store shwas a carok part of a legal
5:36 am
and 23 other states. m.stomers have one year to trer le a cdoo 4. delmils are on the web site. old radioshockgiftards old radier hocou shwas's a person has shven a army. dropped a dintoond band and enof agement ring outhatde of thd u6 3 3 market basket on monday night. it is worth roughly $35ter. >> preroaay hart-war carng, rth ht. toll fonow that somebody would give something of this value, something personal od in6 3 3 thhe >>y bene: last year the safroation arhon h6 3 3 s 4ilar donations that raised $30,000. the organization hopes to raised 3.4 million of the red keroaale cntopaign in massachusetts. the tint of heard war carng story we lange to tell you about. local families are finding people paid for their gifts on dooyaway.
5:37 am
l for her grandson's christmas presents and got the shock of her lcan k. lsto l were completetiv. paid for. she reached out to fox25 and found out she alone. >> my treres filled witnltearitn6 3 3 and she went on to tell me l there was trioin mter worth of dooneiways and i thought that good news needs to be shared. >> sara: a woman paid off dooneiway balances at the same toys 'r' us last year helping 154 people. a local fishey san makes the catch of his lih s and it the catch of his life and it wasn't at sea. willherem young arple. hit a arack willherepaiyoung jr. hit a jackpot on a $10 million lottery tickehey he tells the c re cod that he grows mebsters and he doesn't need one. young has been playing thd u6 3 3 loroaaery for hist &ntn we lih s n'endingt btrio a day on tickets. he took the one-time payment oft b6.5 million and will invest the montrer and helyedthe rest of his family. >> julie: congratulatioue, to
5:38 am
we chrumpon 3 3 e antrer c and weather together every ten minutes and slm1sing to see things slopolice i3 n a litof the bit on the expressway around morrisse y boulevard. a look at the drive t 4es iay 6 3 3 just a minute. sunrise 7:0 and until then temperatures in the 30s. a f i 4ound sll yinkled on too. a lot of ht.ouok around and it is dry. in fact dry through the e antern>> n as the few degrees warmer than yesterday, but i am tracouing a h spolice ishowers he6 3 3 ed our w l tonight for tomorrow. i will have my timeline coming up in ost a f i minutes. >> upsomething n i for parents to ask their kids about. the secret app being used by carllioue, of teens that thamr pcrentsll fonow nothing about. plus, checking the common
5:39 am
why a lof eal woman if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages,
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goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump?
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on the ber ton common this holiday season. someone is leaving & gloves and scand anes t ford to 3 3 ees in the park. of giving. fopp 5's daniel miller aroiue, uitn6 3 3 nopolice iwith the woman who is behind all of this and why she inn'n wing. >> upgene,y b>> d mo- ing, if you head to the common this morning, you will find the way s wintery bear all anger the pcces. put up there by rebecca of malden. she want needy peon 1le to be cold. ndsing things like mittens, scarves and gloves to the tree scand anes andy bloves to the t can you were s. wcou out in the co, , please lmke what you need to keep warm. she told us why she is d`tng it. >> some peon 1le mth ht be shy and might not feel comfortable me handing it to them or asking me for it or aunring what i am d`tng. i feel it is an open invitation for anyone to come. thtrer feel comfo1saple and come here and take what they need. no one is really watching. >> paron rangers s l they will leaboe the items out as long as they are not damaging the tree they are n6 3 3 t dntoeting thd u6 3 3
5:43 am
t the idea on facebook and hopes others will see this and want to do the same. in the n isr>> paithis morning, daniel miller, fox25 news. the d ls of pon 1givng pilke tot &ase mutrele pain cou, bd u6 3 3 ending. researcher s in britain have developed a patch that deliveami! due, elon 1ed a patch thaomf6 3 3 delivers ibuprophen through the skin. it can release hth nl3 e od in6 3 3 the drug for 12 lstoaysrs. offers new ways to -- 12 hours offers new w ls to -ids os hours. it olasers n i w ls to fight heart disease and arthritis. the patch is expected to hiomf6 3 3 the macesl m in to h yea . y bood morning, everyone, it is now 5:45. new as. ident to tell you apouhey route 24 northbound in raynham route 24 northbound in ray5:nto. t we have one lane blocked at route 44. i will ll m youll fonopolice iwhen that ht.ears. we shift northbound, things looking good after you make it pcstmag9on.and a12 roacnl os8. themht feswhat l tarting to slow down from the morr ivshtion
5:44 am
area. that volume is ipccrease. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to tobin bridgn & 9 minutes on themht feswhat l from the braintree split to columbia road. 10 minutes on 24 from os3 to os8. fopp 5 stoy s3 3 acker meteorologist sarah wroblewski joining us now and forecasting a n>y and seasona de d l, sarah. >> sarah: that's right. temperatures, you know, we are near normal for the d l yestethey l and close to it again today. but big warm-up headed our wahio den'ite the clouds and sure enounot rainfall yesterday, yeah, boston hit 44 degrees. that is,yery typical for this time of aysar. a lot of rain down across nantucket. just less than as a0th for the cape and iis anok, and n6 3 3 thing more than a trace in boston north and west. now i want to p`tnt out althounot t as l will be dposrwe are going to bump up the chances of rain as we head througnltoninot t and thent &arort tomorrow as the weak front will come on through. by friday, we will be n>ying ou on th in fact we will be warming up and drying out through the
5:45 am
t unfortunately not bringing all the cloe has with i on th hinot prehoneure to our south will be the weather player. that's what we will be dealing with the dpo conditions but the winok are light so those clouds not really budge clouds not really bupuing too ss ch. the storm s, ttepaiheaded our way. you can see a thin ribbon of s.loe has and n6 3 3 t m- nh rain associated with i on th nonetheless, it will be pushing eastward, and increase the ht.oud cover later on toninot t and fort &arort tomorrow. so current conditions, 30s for the most part acrohone the reandion. not realort looking at freezing conditions. if we see any ionseaks in the ht.oud cover before the sun rises, could see those temperatures drop a degree or two before war carng uassas we he6 3 3 on throunot the d l. your temperature trend across the region from the 3ound. d gs tatcounot the morning hou . coostd see some flashes of sunshine. that is for sure, but as we he6 3 3 into the ue, eningsrwe will see thlashe clouds thickening up. notice the highs mididsto u12 er d gs. temperatures will be ost a little bit warmer than it was yesterday. but still s.
5:46 am
gs iidst6 3 3 a lot of ht.ouok arounng t just a few breaks in that cloud cover. showers. tet ratures fall bacou into the ars andmagound. and then tomorrow, boy, we bump things up. mid- to upper 50s in sd cts. we will be 3 3 acking a f i showers through the morning before we see improvement. your futurecast dots show a s t as amount of clouds out there, but there will be some thin sd cgetsrespepatalort along the coast as we head into the afternoon and the evening hours through central locations and donck be tion later on tonight, we will seat risk of showers and the n> moroe and when you werye up tomoee ow and head out the door for your morning commute, you may need the umbrellasrbecause that t when we will be seeing some of those widely scattered showers. hit and miss. not ue, eryone will see one. when you do it will dampen the roadways at time. by your lunch hour we are seeing mlasht a. is, 3ity wnsh off. that front pushes on through.
5:47 am
ionseaon apart in some sd cget. really the clearing gets going late thursday. as we head into fridaysrwe will see more ht.ouok pushed into the region, but as for the amount of rainfall, less than as a0k of an ipcch in & r6 3 3 ts witnlthlashe spotty showers. i have to point out, though, we really do need the rain. boston is well belohe6the average for rainfall. and we are in a moderate n>ounot t in pthat'ces lik t6 3 3 o hrcester. take taking a look at that sunday forecast, after tonight and tomoee owsrour next chapcce of rain doesn't occur until monday, but boy between tomoee ow and then, terye a l arsk at those the talking about a big warm-up he6 3 3 ed our w lsrin fact i want to shohe6you witnlyour weekend always in view. temperatures will be clig aing into the u12 er 5ound to near 60 degrees. both saturday and sunday. really depends on hohe6ss ch tion the rcoueord hinot in boston sa. wthey
5:48 am
't think we will make it but on sunday 63 and something we will continue to monitog t breezy, wet and temperatures d gs. . slowlyy bl mting there closer to the warmer conditions. a look at your forcoueas on th over to you. sanlm is terying his sleigh to the runway. >> i mean i am wearing a velvl m jackeoi it is for a demosrbut wearing a jacket. >> gene: the high fashion spin for thes wolort ol't &lf. slmy .
5:49 am
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ere3tion weiland has wriarten an he ts, 3inal learter to his fans. mary asked that fans not glorify his death and reveals a daceser side of his fntoily limer ipccmouding his struggle with drugs, anxiety and paranoia. deceg aer 3sr2015 is n6 3 3 t the d l that sc6 3 3 tt weiland died,
5:52 am
will use to mou- h0 that'st d l he couread be `smoeped up in front of a microphone for the financial benefit or enjoyment of others. rolling stones plashted the article on facebook and it has been shared more thancond don a0 times. >>stiofures atals in nehe6hat hire believe there will be more than 400 ovetheylashe deaths linked to heroin and oathursdd this year. the new hampshire attorney general is calling it the mlashfac6 3 3 de`sessing healtnll isis in the state. this year od deaths are more than dou de the amount of joer3 es in 2nor3. et wanget to create a new prosecutor position to focus just on drug cases. and a che miea fire 3 3 stiok is now carrying the overdose reversal drug narcan. ld er houtru aning r it was caee the ng the duteg it was used to save a woman's life. neighboring cities of ue, erl mt and rue, ere proo cde pbaice and ures e fighters with the drug. the co-founder of the noe rh face andt && rrit 406 3 3 thing line d24s while k laking in
5:53 am
doug thompkins was air-lifted with sue, ere hyp6 3 3 therms g aning r his suyak cring , but zed. he was with five other kayaker he was witnlures e other suintokeg t he was an ao cd coue,ervationist and created a land trust ha had envr 6onmental proje. is in chile and argenti pb. tomkins was 72. new vehicle crash test ratings slmndarok. one change will be a smae rer l ash test dummy. its neck and head movement is recotheyed more ac wrately and re& ronok to seat belget. the tests will determine kinds of crashes including cars that were s3 3 stioon at an an-fe or he6 3 3 -on or t-boned. the effects take place in 2018 for 2019 m asels. >>stibad saint nick is gearting a new look. meet fashion santa. mason has been at that m asel for more than 30 yeatru.
5:54 am
the beard is white, the belt is bthat'cousrbut he made bth and `sicey changes. >> you get people who are a little confused, but opcce th it thinon weiout it for a scoueonilo they -- they warm up. i mean, i am wearing a velvet re it is for a dhe has been a fix. wre at this two years. i think the kids will take a ath. iure of this sanlm. >> sara: they kneeleinc6 3 3 something more traditional, something more like a teddy bear. >>y band san 4 i aruwith you oroo& that. a teenaged girl hides in her bedr arsm when strangerpeo& breery ilou how she sis d her mom with one phone call. custody now in question for the lue,et behind aning r her parents went on a murderous rampage in california. where the litoude fronl i is lio cng now and the fntoily members fighting to take custody of her.
5:55 am
t mlashoudy 40ou n skies out there right now with temperatures in the 30s. we will be 400 day. a little bit milder and gets
5:56 am
her. >> gene: new at 6:0 do a teeneter hiding for her own samerty calls 911 as armed mother. the man, nt to ures
5:57 am
tion t away.
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